At 649 Congress St. Portland, Maine

Tues-Thurs 8am-9pm

Fri-Sat 8am-10pm

Sun 9am-3pm, Mon 8am-3pm


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Community and Family Environment

Learning Programs and Community Events

Art and Performances

Local Sprouts Cafe is a community gathering place that offers delicious local food at affordable prices in a comfortable environment. Our  menu features local and organic breakfast, soup, salads, baked goods and entrees.  We also offer fair-trade coffee, local herbal teas, local kombucha, local beer, organic & local wines and meads. We are open from morning to night and host performances and events at night.

Our food comes from local farms in Maine. Our goal is to grow sustainability through connecting our urban community with the food they eat and with the farmers who grow their food.


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Local Sprouts Cafe’s menu features seasonal local food year-round. For breakfast we offer egg sandwiches, buckwheat pancakes, local meats, homefry potatoes & tofu scramble. At lunchtime we add soups, salads, sides and sandwiches to our menu. At night we offer our lunch menu and add on dinner specials. Our menu features foods that are influences by home-cooking, cultural cooking and our creativity. We offer food for meat-eaters, vegans, vegetarians, and people with allergies.

The Cafe

Local Sprouts Cafe has a comfortable family-friendly atmosphere. We offer counter-service for all orders, and our counter staff brings food out to you or you can pick-up food from the counter. We have a mixture of tables, a cob booth, a couch, chairs and outdoor seating for people eating, drinking coffee or beer, working on projects or meeting. We have a bar for people to eat and drink at. We offer free wi-fi so that people can work on laptops at the cafe. There are rotating art shows on the wall and a stage for a variety of local music and performances.

Our Values

Local Sprouts focuses on using local and organic ingredients to build connections to our community, to grow sustainability, to support Maine farmers, to protect our environment, and to build our local economy. We are a worker-owned cooperative that believes in creating a democratic and equitable business to serve our workers and our community.