We partner with schools and non-profits to offer holistic learning programs through cooking local food for our community.

Community Culinary Crew

Community Culinary Crew is a  collaboration with Cultivating Community. This program works with teenagers of various backgrounds in a 10-week program focusing on the importance of nutrition, methods to cook using affordable and healthy foods grown in Maine, preserving food and creating value added products.

Our goal for next season will combine these lessons with additional focus on job skills and training. We are creating a new internship program in which students will learn how to work in a fast paced kitchen, develop culinary skills and train in customer service.

Community Dinners

Our Community Dinners bring people together to share food, knowledge, and music and to connect with local organizations and community projects.  We have partnered with various community organizations to offer community dinners.

Local Foods Restaurants

A local foods lunch for neighborhood kids

A local foods lunch for neighborhood kids

We can work with your school or non-profit to develop an interdisciplinary program that results in youth hosting their own restaurant.

Cooking with Local Foods

We offer classes at schools, after-school programs, community centers, festivals and individually on seasonal local cooking.


We have opportunities for people to intern with Local Sprouts.