Catering Select Menus

We’ll prepare a custom BBQ catering menu just for you.
Contact Local Sprouts Cooperative for your Portland Maine party.


Scallop Brochettes: Maine scallops wrapped in Maine free range bacon drizzled with maple syrup.
Chips and Dips Platter: corn tortilla chips with black bean dip and fresh salsa
Roast Vegetable Pizza: roasted seasonal vegetables, local cheese on an organic crust.


Black Bean & Roasted Summer Squash Salad with a southwestern dressing.
Capri Salata: basil, tomato, olives, and oregano tossed with balsamic vinaigrette


Corn on the Cob: local fresh corn with Maine butter, Maine sea salt and local herbs.

Maine Course

Barbeque Chicken: local free range chicken with our housemade barbeque sauce
Tempeh Kebabs: local Lalibela Farm tempeh marinated with veggies and grilled.


Ice Cream Sundae Bar: Smiling Hill Farm Ice Cream, cookies, toppings and sauces

Approximate Price Per Person $40

Price does not include Beverages, Rentals, Delivery, Catering and Chef Services and Gratuity

Our catering team works closely with each customer to create a custom menu in which Maine-grown produce and Maine-made foods feature prominently. In the same way that the cafe utilizes a multitude of local vendors, Local Sprouts Catering works extensively with local farmers, distributors, rental companies, and other event-related local businesses. Contact Local Sprouts Cooperative for your Portland Maine BBQ catering.